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I posted this in another thread about the looper, but i wanted to get it in here. If anyone knows of fixes or if this has already been discussed, please let me know! Thanks.

 So, here are a few issues: for one thing, i just need to practice looping patterns and hitting the repeat switch at exactly the right time. However, THERE IS STILL A VOLUME GLITCH! a hiccup when the loop restarts. To test this, i put my ebow on the string so that it's playing a constant note. I start recording then stop (i've tried various time spans) and each time the loop restarts, there's a hiccup… so, while pattern playing won't be too affected, playing ambient loops will be. A crossfade could fix this.

 Finally, i think there's a much more serious problem. If i record a pattern that's at a tempo where the end of the loop is right after billboard changes over from one bit to the next, the first reiteration of the loop plays all the way through, but every subsequent loop does not. They're all truncated!!

 For example, if i play a loop and hit repeat right after the billboard switched from "4 bits" to "5 bits," then after the first repeat of the loop every other loop ends at "4 bits." The "5 bits" never pops up, and you can hear the loop cut off!!

Someone else must have discovered this. Am i not on the newest software version or something?