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Hi, thanks for the note.

I am using a DMC Ground Control and does not appear to do what you are suggesting. It does momentary switching (which I use for tap tempo), but would be pointless to control FXA & FXB in this way (i have not tested it because I am back on OS3.1),as the LED on the foot controller would not correctly show the bypass status. Can this not be made to work in the same way as Global Bypass? My Ground Control works with the Eclipse perfectly in this way.

I upgraded to OS V3.54B4 previously.

One suggestion. I would love to see the Global Mix level programmable on a per preset basis (option – Global or per preset). I know that each preset has level control, but in a guitar rig (I play experimental music) sometimes you want 100% wet (no dry signal) and other times some dry signal. Its chore to balance levels in the current state. Running the Eclipse in series is the only way to achieve this (in a simple way, without switchers etc), but its a constant fight to get all the balances right.