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Serial: Q-013569

Re the FXA FXB bypass, I am thinking of adding a couple of Boss dual foot switches hardwired into the back of the unit for other control functions. So maybe I could dedicate 2 switches for A & B bypass and the other 2 for looping (or something….).

Yep use the FXA & FXB mix parameter, but if I set the global mix to 100%, and say another preset with the FXA & FXB mix at 50% all the levels are wrong. I want to be able to have some presets with 100% wet and some with "dry signal" of varying amounts. I want my master out level to be consistent relative to above. At the moment its quite a headache to balance all this due to Global Mix level being non programmable. Having said all that its still a fantastic unit !!

cheers again