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I think a PitchFactor would be great. I don't have anything to add in terms of features but, I will say that nearly every musician forum I've read people are griping about not having a decent "pitch" pedal.

I have a Whammy and an EHX POG and find both to be more useful than I thought, however they both only really do specific things:

Whammy – Great for foot-controlled bending up and down octaves–harmonies are terrible/artificial sounding. Almost no control over mix, which doesn't help.

POG – Amazing for 12-String, 18-String or octave blending. A huge step up from the Whammy in this respect. Much more natural sounding. However, limited to octaves only.

I think pitch features found in the studio Eventide products would all be welcome. The TimeFactor is an unreal pedal–can't wait to get the ModFactor and I'm sure anything else you do will be just as great.

Thanks for the impeccable quality at an almost affordable price! 😉

Haha–it's worth it though.