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Expression pedal not updating after save and then change.

when I save my patch with expression pedal settings, everything is fine and I like it… it's saved and works the same next time I boot up the pedal… BUT sometimes I want to change the way the Expression pedal behaves and the changes don't "take".

for instance, if I have the expression pedal doing a mix move and in a performance I find the mix too light… i adjust it by moving the pedal to heel, turning the knob to where I want, mixing the pedal to toe, turning the knob how I want, then when I go back to heel my new setting is gone… so the expression pedal settings are not updating. I don't know if it's only in one of the models, but I know it happens in the mod delay model.


YES! I'm having the same issue. I still haven't made patches with all the delay types… i know the expression pedal is updating on the tape delay; but last night, when i had my wonderful flanger set up with the mod delay, after saving the patch and going back to it, the EP was not updated! Instead of controlling the mod speed, it controlled the mix and feedback as it had on the patch i created this from!

I wish there were a quick way to instantly remove all expression assignments and for it to stick!