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The reason why I'm interested in the H8000 is thus:

 I've been working extensively with the Clavia NordModular G2 synthesizer for the last 4 years. In the meantime, I can proudly claim to have developed the first (and sofar only) elastic audio algorithm for that platform. So I consider myself fairly proficient with advanced digital modular synthesis.

However, in the last year or so, I've become increasingly dissatisfied with some of the G2s shortcomings. The quality of some of the modules is not on a professional level, and also the DA/AD converters are not stellar. Combine that wth the fact that there still are some serious and severly compromising bugs in the OS, which the company isn't inclined to fix because the G2 didn't sell well enough. Talk about customer loyalty…

I've decided to take those types of synthesis back into the analog domain, which analog still does best. (I've still yet to find a digital algorithm that doesn't produce sonic garbage when having to do audiorate oscillator synchronisation combined with linear FM and pulse width modulation….) So I'm looking into some analog gear. For the digital side of things, I'm also looking around. The G2 was my "swiss army knife for audio", and I'm looking for something that can replace it, but with improved sound quality and long term customer loyalty and support (and hopefully backward-compatibility). It takes years to learn these kind of machines, it's a big investment of time, so you want a company that doesn't leave you out in the open just a few years down the line.

 Of course, there are great digital modular platforms for computers these days -Reaktor, Tassman, etc.. But I'm looking for a reliable and roadworthy stand-alone unit (I will be using it live). Something that can handle anything I throw at it. That's why I asked those questions. On the G2, I can build whatever I want and need. I wanted to know if the H8000 can do the same (or perhaps more).

 Thanks for reading.