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Hi Tim

I believe Clavia and Eventide have two specific different areas they cover each one, synths and FX. Even though each of the products does things the other does too, I recognize tha value of Clavia synths and Eventide FX. One doesn't do both better than the other. We are dedicated to FX and openess of the platform allows you to create just about anything. There are some synths that can be done in Karplus-Strong and FM syhthesis but Clavia remains a highly more specialized synths companies. So any of the 2 products is not a substitute for the other; more a complementary addition to it. But when it comes to FX…well…there is no game! Imagine creating your own reverbs, choosing the number of delays in the verb itself, the placement of external delays and early reflections networks AND diffusers, adding any type of filter and placing it where you like, adding modulation of parameters…and more fx to make that verb unique (plex/shifters/ringmods/resonators/etc.). 

The modular structure supported by Vsigfile has been developed for 15+ years now and most algorithms are also retro_compatible, from the early '90s DSP4000 to today H8000FW, thru 4500-7000-7500-Orville units. 

all the best