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MIDI Groups were implemented as a studio control feature and have a system global setup, not a preset one. Using a desktop MIDI  faders device one could have the 8 displayed parameters being controlled by a number of MIDI CCs being in a natural numeric sequence.

The choice then is selection of the first CC# and the other 7 will follow the subsequent numbers (for example if you chose CC #1 you'll have 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 working as a group of 8).

To control parameters in performance you have two ways:

-edit the algorithm in Vsig and add CC control inside the structure, for those parameters you want to control.

-highlight the parameter you want to control, then press and hold the SELECT key to call the patching screen. Here you can assign any controller to the parameter and set scaling and more. Then press *done*. repeat this for every parameter then you must store the preset to retain these assignment or they'll get lost when you load another preset.

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