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Hello Pala,

We have now posted on the Eclipse support page, the bootloader that you will most likley need for your Eclipse. The version we posted is version 1.210. You can confirm what version bootloader you have by powering on your Eclipse and holding down the #3 key. Almost immediately a screen will appear and will display: "Boot P xxxxx V1.xx"

The mark V1.xx is the version your boot currently is. If it is anything less than 1.210 you will then need to update it.

On the Eclipse support page under "software updates" you will find the bootloader available for both PC and Mac users. Instructions are included and must be followed. Once you have updated the bootloader, you may proceed to updating to the 3.1 version. You might be able to update your Eclipse from your current OS version directly to the most recent release of 3.5beta 4, however we haven't tested this ourselves so I would advise to just follow the OS progression from your current OS to 3.1 to the current 3.5beta 4.

If you have any questions at all about this procedure feel free to email support@eventide.com.

Good luck!