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Yea, I was looking into this. I have a few I.T. guys I could get in on the project if I could figure out a few things and get enough about this kind of application.  I was going to start by finding some basic info like what numbers in the file are tied to each parameter in the TF etc…I asked here but didn't get any further info on it. I'm super busy at the moment but not opposed to looking into it further as time allows or helping others that try to put something together (Imay be better suited for this as I have programming skills but I've no knowledge of this particular type of app)

Anyway, the only other user created app I was looking at was for the tc g-major, they have it for download in the google group for that unit… it's in Java …I was not able to find contact information on the author.

Any other users out there with more info?