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       We could really use a windows based program to use with the TIme Factor for editing. Allow us to save off all of our patches and load individual patches into individual slots within the time factor etc… Is anyone working on something like this?

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      Eventide Staff

       This is something we might consider.

       It would be helpful if you and our other 'Factor users could reply with ideas as to what this should do.

      Presumably it should:

      1) Read all presets from the ?F and save them on a PC/Mac via MIDI or USB.

      2) Allow you to send any preset from the PC/Mac to any slot on the machine

      3) Re-order presets on the ?F. This is slightly redundant 'cos (1) and (2) have the same result, but might be a convenience.

      4) Display all the preset's settings on the PC/Mac for editing. 

      There will be more  .. any further ideas ? 

       What proportion of 'Factor users use PC vs Mac ?

      Would any non-Eventide people be interested on writing such a program if they had the necessary information ? 

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      mcalldp and I in another thread discussed many features we would like to see in such a piece of software. I believe mcalldp is looking into it, but haven't heard any progress recently. Anyway, here are my suggestions for some software:

      – Save patches from TF 

      – Load individual patches to TF

      – System dumps & uploads

      – Make a 'playlist' or patches organising them into banks, etc for a complete upload to TF

      – A 'database' of patches on your pc so that you can just click and drag, not fumble around finding stuff

      – Integrate the update program into this program  

      -Work in different OS – i.e. Mac and Linux, even if under Wine. 

      –  Modifying the system settings and being able to upload them – in
      essence editing the system patch. This could allow say different setups
      for different rigs & bands, without having to manually change lots
      of things. As far as patch editing goes, I'd say that it would be
      fairly limited given that you really need to be 'on the ground' so to
      speak to hear what you are changing – something you can't really do in
      software. I dunno – maybe there are other uses I haven't considered?

      The more daring bits:

      An 'audition patch' button, so that when you select a patch, you can
      here a sample of what it does. You record a little piece, then 'attach'
      it to the patch

      – There was talk of some online patch-sharing
      area – maybe a repository which links into the software, so that you
      can download other people's patches that they've upload to the
      repository, and upload your patches to share. Tie this in with the
      'audition' idea and it sounds quite cool. 


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      Yea, I was looking into this. I have a few I.T. guys I could get in on the project if I could figure out a few things and get enough about this kind of application.  I was going to start by finding some basic info like what numbers in the file are tied to each parameter in the TF etc…I asked here but didn't get any further info on it. I'm super busy at the moment but not opposed to looking into it further as time allows or helping others that try to put something together (Imay be better suited for this as I have programming skills but I've no knowledge of this particular type of app)

      Anyway, the only other user created app I was looking at was for the tc g-major, they have it for download in the google group for that unit… it's in Java …I was not able to find contact information on the author.

      Any other users out there with more info? 

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      It would be nice if the editor could do everything that can be done on the unit itself. Edit system settings, CC# for parameter control etc.

      There's a Norwegian guy who has written applications for the Eclipse and other guitar related hardware already, maybe he'd be interested?:

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      mcalldp, you might want to have a look at the yahoo group for the behringer FCB1010. They did exactly the same thing, and had to figure out the sysex data, and created some software. I'm trawling through it at the moment, seeing how they did it. I'm guessing it's a case of changing one things, seeing what changes, chaning another, seeing what that does, etc. 

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       I thought of that but that but uh…well, that would suck. There should be mapping information already available if Eventide would provide it.

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      Indeed it does suck! I've been trying to decode some of the sysex data, by changing one knob (Wet/dry mix) and it is hell. I haven't got anywhere yet. Interestingly, if WET = 7 (say) there is more than 1 sysex pattern for "7". Ahhhh! 

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