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It might be helpful to get a bit more detail behind the algorithms used in the various chorus types. For example – are any of them multi-voiced? If I recall, the Roland/Boss Dimension C is a two voice chorus with the LFO's out of phase. i think the Ibanez Bi-mode choruses used one delay line with two separate oscillators (a nice sounding chorus). Having a better sense for how these choruses are implemented might help people tweak them more to their liking. I think that's my biggest issue with the MF so far – I just don't understand enough about the algortihms to get things where I like them. (overall, though, I'm very happy – the rotary is awesome).

Other thoughts – would be nice to be able to control the dry signal a bit more – haven't figured out how to do that with someof the effects (still fiddling, though)