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Eventide Staff

Hi Guys,

A couple things…

mlabbee: By controlling the overlap I mean the delay offset of the voices, the phase of the LFO is always out of phase and you can get the closest to your desired sound by turning the xnob all the way to the right on the organic chorus.

Secondly, obviously Italo is correct.  The number of different effects and the ability to change them that is available in the H series products is unsurpassed. I know that they aren't cheap but if you're interested in "rolling your own" as it were, I suggest checking them out.

Finally, to Chris, the ability to do the 2 LFO thing with the BiPhase and/or flanger or whatever might be a possibility.  We'll have to look at it and add it to the feature requests for the product. 

The through zero descriptions you have for tape are correct and that is basically what we are emulating, the difference for mono/stereo that you are hearing is how the signals are summed.  As with regular flangers you can sum the signals in phase or out of phase which is the difference between the left and right signal in our TZ flanger.  When you sum the signals out of phase you get total cancellation at Zero and it does lead to a more dramatic effect; perhaps we need to add a Negative Through Zero option.

For Chorus', the Shimmer also has 2 voices, but with added feedback; and the Liquid has just one voice per channel but lets just say a boy has to have some secrets.