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 See, my position is not about arguing on which product is better. Of course I know the reason why people buy an Eventidepedal, being one of the creators of these devices.

The first main reason is the possibility to buy Eventide sound at a much lower price. That's the big pull! I don't think avoiding the use of a MIDI controller point is really a selling point for the majority of people. We have seen, with great surprise, that most pedalusers today DO use MIDI more than before. Several digital pedal can store and recall many presets and use clock for delay/oscillator sync. These are the reasons why A MIDI controller becomes a must if more than a couple of pedals are used.

The difference between rack abd pedal formats is only psycological. You can take a chip and put it in a small box for the floor. That's what happens really.

The power and flexibility of a rack product remains unsurpassed though. Particularly  for Eventide processors as we invented the open platform in FX devices and continue a glorious tradition since early '90s.

This aspect is not secondary as, provided an enormous dsp power, such open platforms allow the programmer, being an Eventide one or the end user, to build anything he likes.

That's the reason why you can get MIDI Virtual Racks or Boss/TC/DynoMyPiano/Eventide chorusing in these units.

We do not see a competition between our pedals and rack units. The pedals are an excellent way, finally, to enter a higher sound quality level…and it's possible that in time the user may incorporate a profesional rack unit in his/her rig. The opposite is also true, though. We have feedback from many Eventide rack gear aficinados using the pedals too these days. It's a complementary view in which every product has its uses.

The technical reality is that we can do some mods and tweaks in our pedal and even add some dramatical changes to them, often propelled by constructive suggestions and terrific support from you, folks. We thank you for this!

But  whatever we will be able to do won't be a strict effort to replicate specific products in terms of absolute fidelity. The addition of a sharper filter may be a welcome tool…but you, the musician, will need to work with these tools to get closer or right-on the sound you are after. The evidence of this is the many different opinions on how something sounds like. Everybody likes this OR that. There is no option to get all people happy with a single product in a pedal format. This is much more possible with our open platform rack units.

So, please, don't look at my point in a negative way. Your pile of Vintagies will live on…and you should be happy for that….but at the same time your ModFactor will get closer to some of those units up to a certain extent.

I'm showing you the whole picture, so that you can look at it!