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One chorus sound that always blows me away is the intro to Carolyn's Fingers by the Cocteau Twins – there's some delay in there, too, so it's hard to pin down exactly what part is the chorus, but there is a "glassy" quality (?). I'm still fiddling with the Modfactor, but I I'm not sure what parameter creates that particular quality in a chorus -given the era, maybe it's an artifact of a compander filtering the signal in some way (no a high end roll off filter, though)? I'm not sure I can even describe the quality I'm looking for – the shimmer setting seems to get the tone, but not the spread and the organic gets the spread but not the tone? It's almost as if the MF is a little too subtle? I'll keep fiddling 🙂

BTW – thanks for all the responses on this thread – they've been really helpful. I'm definitely exploring the MF quite a bit now and learning more and more about it. Falling in love with the undulator and modfilter