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Hi, re the Edges 'shimmer"…..I worked on a U2 tour many moons ago and discussed the mysterious shimmer effect with Edges tech (nice guy BTW). He informed me that its actually an AMS 1580 delay / pitch shifter feeding back on its self and effected with reverb (I believe an SPX1000 at the time, but maybe a Lexicon now). He had a custom rack unit made to control the loop and phase back to the AMS. A VCA volume pedal arrangement controlled the send level of the effect.The AMS was routed to a separate amp via Edges switching system, and I believe a DI feed to the PA. Apparently either Brian Eno or Dan Lanois were instumental in creating this effect in the early 1980's. In any case the Eventides can easily create a similar effect (Crystal Echos etc) and given Edge has had an H3000 in his rack since the late 1980's, no doubt he has used the Eventide version of the effect on many tracks !