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Hi Andy,

Don't worry it's already on my to do list. As always we're compiling a list of feature requests for this box, and I've got warmer, more analogish chorus on it. I know there is some other feedback in this thread as well, but please feel free to give us any more you have in regards to what you'd like to hear in a chorus.


Hi Dan – I'm a bit late to this thread. As an earlier adopter, first run buyer and huge fan of the Timefactor, I really looked forward to the Modfactor. I was extremely disappointed that Polymod was eliminated at the last moment due to space restrictions (and adding Rotary in its place). I feel Polymod might have avoided much of the disappointment since it is much more lush.

Being one of the first guys to point out the noise issue in the Timefactor, and having worked with you through it, I can testify that you take your customers seriously and have the commitment to deliver solutions to issues as they are raised. Thank you for that! No matter what happens, I have no doubt you will improve the chorus algo in the Modfactor.

However, I would be very pleased if you would consider a special firmware release that would contain just the Polymod algorithm, and no others. Those of us who want the lushest of modulation could simply load Polymod with the firmware tool, and possibly return later to the other effects by loading back the main firmware. Polymod is what lured me to the Modfactor. it would be swell to have a limited firmware release, with no future updates, just a one-time Polymod load.