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One chorus sound that always blows me away is the intro to Carolyn's Fingers by the Cocteau Twins – there's some delay in there, too, so it's hard to pin down exactly what part is the chorus, but there is a "glassy" quality (?). I'm still fiddling with the Modfactor, but I I'm not sure what parameter creates that particular quality in a chorus -given the era, maybe it's an artifact of a compander filtering the signal in some way (no a high end roll off filter, though)? I'm not sure I can even describe the quality I'm looking for – the shimmer setting seems to get the tone, but not the spread and the organic gets the spread but not the tone? It's almost as if the MF is a little too subtle? I'll keep fiddling 🙂

BTW – thanks for all the responses on this thread – they've been really helpful. I'm definitely exploring the MF quite a bit now and learning more and more about it. Falling in love with the undulator and modfilter

That was done with a pitch shifter at -10 cents left and +10 cents right. Though Guthrie owns and has used many Eventide products, that track used a Lexicon 480L unit into a pair of amaha d1500 delay units into Dimension D, IIRC. Not typical chorus per se.

It is easy to reproduce that sound with Eventide Harmonizers (like the H3000 and Eclispe), and it sounds better that way to my ears. YMMV. 🙂 These days Robin has an H3000 D/SE in his solo touring rig.