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Hi Megamind

 Ok…so it's about remoting the FX BLOCK (A or B) Bypass…rather then a single fx in a block. Clear now.

What operative system version are you running on your Eclipse? This is very important for us!

I see the same problem you are having. More about it later…

Eclipse needs to see a MIDI CC value of 64 or higher, to trigger the Bypass function. So the best way is to configureyour pedalboard switchas unlatch, that is when you press it a value 128 is sent out and it's being reset to 0. At next press Eclipse will change the Bypass status from the one set from the previous switch press.

Latched switches will need 2 presses to work….annoying!

I see the problem here of not being able to get back to the modulation assignment menu after having done it once. Rebooting the unit fixes this. In the worst case a CLEAR SETUP (described in the User Manual Start-Up options) should fix it, resetting Bypass to no MIDI CC being patched to it.

I believe you are on a beta OS version so please understand it may not work perfectly at this time. We will change the way FX Blocks Bypass will work and very likely move the assignment functions in the SETUP menus.

Thanks for your report! 

All the best