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well i have to comment – i am a ' is it underpowered ' wonderer often with gear . . . i did question that with the H8000Fw until i started building patches using visig . . . to be honest ive had pitchshifters goingto into reverbs into this and into that in Huge chains and still havent maxed out the H8000fw myself . . .. this really is a powerfull machine . . . i was looking for complex multilayered fx patches – 1 sound in and a whole universe out and it does that . . .it feels about 300 times more powerfull than my old Tc fireworx and honestly i have tried every known vst plugin and hardware unit . . . this blows them all away . . . sorry for the flattery and over indulgent mail but this is really about the least underpowered unit i ever used.