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Hi Everyone,

I have been corresponding with Esiegel off line in regards to this issue and I would like to publicly clarify the function of Reverse:

The Reverse delay reverses each amount of time that has been determined by the delay amount selected at either DLY A or DLY B. If the phrase you play is longer than the delay time selected, then the entire phrase will not be reversed accordingly. What you will hear is the amount of the phrase reversed within the delay time and the residual artifacts you hear afterwards are the remaining portion of the phrase you played tacked onto the next chunk of phrase you played that gets reversed.

For example: Set the Mix knob so that the output is only for DLY A. Then select DLY A?s time for 3000ms. Play something that is shorter than 3000ms. What you hear reversed will only be the phrase you played. If you then play something longer than 3000ms, the remaining audio that extends past 3000ms is then applied to the next chunk of 3000ms that is played and then reversed.

The conclusion is that our Reverse delays by the entire setting that the current time is set for, and if you do not play in rhythm with the current delay time selected you will experience residual ?artifacts? of the notes that are played over this time setting.

Please be assured that the engineers have reviewed this effect many times since the start of this thread and have concluded after having tested it on multiple TimeFactors that it correctly functions as it was designed. If you have any suggestions as to how it could function differently, we encourage your thoughts to be posted in this forum.

We thank you greatly in advance!