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Agree on the use your ears, but having said that … my Strat is indeed an EMG pickups and electronics, and I have the Big Muff / Electric Mistress / Boss CS-2 / MXR Phase 90 and so on analog pedals, and I still can't nail that tone. I get close, so close, but alas so far away…
I can get a really nice tone, which I sort of consider my base lead tone now, but I really love this sort of rotational, spacey additional effects that he has, and that none of these pedals can reproduce. Gilmour uses these small Yamaha rotating speakers that they call "doppolas", which might have a lot to do with it. I was hoping there might be some H7600 "spatial" presets that would do that, and that I could combine to my pedals via the SwitchBlade.
Anyways, I'm now spending more time creating tones that I like, that are MINE.
But admittedly, nailing this tone was / still is a holy grail search for some of us somehow.