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 HEADM adc 2 2 freqshift-out freqshift1-out "Gilmour Stuff" Empty 1 menupage-obj ;=0,0,100,0
MENUPAGE menupage menupage menupage 4 knob-obj knob2-obj percentknob-obj percentknob2-obj ;=150,675,100,0
KNOB knob "L freq: %5.2f Hz" knob -10 10 0.01 1.4 ;=150,425,100,0
KNOB knob2 "R freq: %5.2f Hz" knob -10 10 0.01 -1.4 ;=150,525,100,0
PERCENTKNOB percentknob "L fback: %4.0f %%" percent -100 100 1 40 ;=300,425,100,0
PERCENTKNOB percentknob2 "R fback: %4.0f %%" percent -100 100 1 -40 ;=300,525,100,0
MIX mix adc-in1 freqshift-out 1 percentknob-out ;=600,75,100,0
MIX mix1 adc-in2 freqshift1-out 1 percentknob2-out ;=600,250,100,0
FREQSHIFT freqshift mix-out knob-out ;=750,100,100,0
FREQSHIFT freqshift1 mix1-out knob2-out ;=750,225,100,0

Here's a great trick that Pink Floyd have been using on many records.

2 frequency shifters at moderate rate (0.8 > 1.5 Hz), in "mirror" settings (+/-), with some feedback to add a little swoosh (use it at your taste- whith high settings you get a special flange flavor). This will give you that liquid spatial panning! Try at full wet or at 50/50 dry/wet. I prefer full wet. It's very close to Gilmour thing. Try putting the fx at the very end of the fx chain for more dramatic results…or experiment with placement at your taste.

Tech Note:

try copying and pasting the code above in Vsig. It's the text format. Should work. I have tried here.

Let me know….