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I am still eagerly awaiting a fix to the loop-shortening problem. Most of the loops i record still get shortened, so it's useless for rhythmic loops, and due to that volume glitch whenever a loop repeats, it's also useless for recording a non-stop pad in the background, grrrrrrr.

 Anywho, i might be imagining this, but it sounds like the fuzzy fizz that occurs when turning up the x-knob on the vintage delay setting has been reigned in quite a bit, so i can get a slightly lower-fi vintage delay without the crazy fuzz of the previous software version.

Nevertheless, my dream remains that Eventide would make that x-knob increase the grunginess/smeariness of the delay, and make it so that the delay gets lower and lower fi as the repeats go on. That's my dream, and it would be wonderful if Eventide could let me know whether or not i should give up holding my breath, but I'm not sure that's something they can say or not.