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I think the looping issues are fairly well documented by now.  I'd really like to hear folks focus on some other aspects of the firmware update now.

Some things I've noticed are:  Call up the TapeEcho and turn your filter to 0 and Feedback to 80.  Strum a chord and notice a long decay which does not self-oscillate and eventually fades out.  Strum a chord again and turn the filter up and notice the feedback starts self-oscillating.  Why does the filter influence the feedback regeneration?  This should not be.

I also used to turn the endless "repeat" button on and play over the top.  If the patch I was using was mixed very Wet-heavy, the playing I did over the top of the endless delay was too quiet and I would press the "Active" botton off and the repeats would continue while my input signal was unaffected by the preset's Wet balance.  I guess it was seen as a bug that de-activating the effect left the effect on endless repeat, but I saw that as a feature.  I think most guys could negotiate pressing both pedals at once if they really needed both to be turned off simultaneously.

Mix values are different on different algorithms.  I want half and half to be the same numeric value for all delay types (all things being equal).  I realize that filter settings will affect the perceived levels but I think that some patched are 50/50 at…50! (imagine that) and other seem to be around 33.

Feedback oscillation is likewise inconsistent. I'd like to know where (or very close to around where) self-oscillation is going to start and I don't want to have to remember for each delay type.  This should be consistent across all delay types.

I said this on another thread this morning, but the VintageDelay bits parameter should be able to go all the way down to 1 and MOST IMPORTANTLY the feedback should not have some of the non-bit reduced signal regenerated.  The bit-reduction should be the only regenerated signal.  As it is right now only extreme bit crushing is really perceieved because of the clean signal being mixed in the feedbacks.  This parameter would have a much more useful range (and sound) if this change was made.  I love bit reduction – I will be happy if it can be done properly on the Time Factor.

I'll continue investigating the new firmware – this is all I was able to do on my lunch break.

– Elliot