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Thanks Mike33 I will give that a try. I did try going into the CC area. I must have missed a step somewhere. Thanks for your help.

I have a switching system setup so that everything changes with one button on my midi controller. The idea is to hit one button and the timefactor modfactor presets change as well as overdrive go on or off etc…. But I have patches where I don't want the time factor or the modfactor on. I can switch to those presets and then(as you suggest) quickly step on the the bypass switch ON each of those units but that would involve too much tap dancing. I don't want to do. Right now I have made presets with %100 DRY no effect in those spots where I want those units to to be bypassed,
I am trying to have (like some people have been able to do now) my midi controller tell the Time and Mod Factors to switch to bypass (the same as the on off switch on the actual units being pressed).

If you are not changing your Time factor presets by midi then I don't think you will understand walk I am talking about. But thanks for trying to help.