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I apologize for using the wrong terminology; I will be more careful next time.

I set the analog output just to hear the signal, not to send it to Pro Tools. I planned to set off the analog output routing after I was successful at routing the ADAT output to the DIGI003/Pro Tools system.

Here is what I was trying to accomplish: 1) Input an analog signal to the H8000FW, 2) convert it to digital in the H8000FW through the use of the H8000FW programs, 3) output the digitial signal via ADAT to the DIGI003/Pro Tools system.

Prior to this experiment I used to feed an analog signal to the H8000FW and output an analog signal to the DIGI003/Pro Tools system. I assumed that the H8000FW automatically converts any analog signal to digital the moment it processes the analog signal through a program. I figured that there was an unnecessary DA/AD conversiion; a DA conversion done in the H8000FW to analog output, and an AD conversion done in the DIGI003/Pro Tools system to record the input.