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Hello Italo,

Well I spent most of my time since our last email testing the DIGI003/H8000FW interface and posting my results on the Digidesign DUC forum. The DUC forum is not very helpful as Digidesign technicians don't regularly respond to questions as far as I can tell.

I would like to go over my test results with you and get your impression. Here is what I was able to prove: (By the way all of the initial tests were done with Route 12 and both DSPs set to THRU program.)

ADAT based clocking works with the DIGI003 as the master and H8000FW as a slave. ADAT based clocking does not work with the master/slave roles reversed; I get a message on the DIGI003 stating "Source clock is invalid. Reverting to internal".

S/PDIF based clocking works with either units set to master or slave respectively.

S/PDIF recording works on the DIGI003.

ADAT works when I send a previously recorded track from the DIGI003 to the H8000FW. But I don't get a signal when I try to send an ADAT stream to the DIGI003 for recording.

Both ADAT cables are OK as I swapped them and still get the same effect.

The only thing keeping me from unequivocally stating that there is nothing wrong with the H8000FW is that I can't prove beyond a doubt that data is actually being transmitted across the ADAT cable. I don't have any other ADAT devices and can't think of any tests that would prove it.

I was thinking that maybe I could ship my H8000FW back to Eventide for a diagnostic test. If the diagnostic tests prove the ADAT path is functioning properly, then I can so the same with the DIGI003 (send it to Digidesign for a diagnostic test).

What is your impression? Do you think this is an appropriate plan? Can you suggest any additional tests?

As always, I value your opinion and appreciate that Eventide provides an expert for their support forum. Digidesign could significantly reduce their customer frustration levels by following Eventide's example.