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Well after some time messing and trying stuff i think i will have to go analogue . . . i have right now Spdif from cubase sx / pc / lynx 2 going to H8000 and then back via spdif and also via my mixer and to be honest the spdif just keeps ' slipping ' at high rates it worse . . .even with the Lynx card locked – using external clock , internal , wordclock 2 and from the lynx – you name it and i have tried it – it works but i get very intermittent glitches or spikes in the audio . . . .something i also seem to get without any digital ins or outs also at times but much less and only on certain patches ? I am wondering if i need to lock something in the eventide or its internal clock is slipping by default . . . i will be upgrading to adat daw interface soon so may try adat as i/o to the daw . . .This digital connection is a very black art if your a musician like me !