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Yes, my patches were made in the previous release version (1.1?). Prior to loading the two beta versions, I backed up all my presets two ways…
First, I did a full download via midi
next, I downloaded each preset individually

So when attempting to re-load the my presets after the system update to the latest beta version, I first tried to re-load just the individual presets. I'd do this by first selecting the desired location on the TF, say 4:2, and then load the pedal from the laptop via midi. The display would indicate load ok, but the only information loaded was the effect. No parameter information loaded.

Next, I attempted to re-load from my all inclusive backup and the pedal displayed "Bad Load".

I have since re-loaded the pedal with the prior system release (1.1?). I repeated the previous steps to restore my full backup. All worked fine, display indicated "Load OK" and all my effects AND parameter setting are back.

I gig all the time and I setup patches for particular songs, so recreating the patches would be quite a chore. I'm sure they'll fix the bug, but I'm not updating my pedal again until the full version is released.