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With the individual patch uploads, there's no need to navigate to where you want to save the patch. Just Send the Sysex from MidiOx, then those settings will now be in the TF as the modified preset. Thus, you now have to save the patch, to wherever you want it.

Sorry, that's not very clear – eg. if you are on patch 7:1, by default, that's the 1-repeat patch. Now, say if you are currently on that patch, and you send another delay patch. It'll say LOAD OK and you should se 7:1 with a dot next to it, indicating that the values have been changed – they have been changed to the setting of the patch you just uploaded. Now save the new patch, by holiding down the Encoder, and scrolling to wherever you want to save. Then hold down the Encoder and it should say SAVED. 

I don't know about the whole dump not working. Try this with the new Beta. Oh, and make sure that in Midi Ox, the Input and Output buffers are set to 8192 Bytes.