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I just updated to the newest version (TimeFactor System 2.0.2beta[4) and saved all my stuff: All, System, Presets and one program patch. When I tried to upload back to TF I got the bad load except for the one program patch which loaded fine. So, after about an hour of fooling around with different settings I found the problem to be in the new software and not XP, Midiox, or my TF. The problem is version sensitivity. In other words if you are updating to a new version and want to save all system settings then upload to the new version forget it. Won't work. It will only update to specific version that you saved it from. Defeats the whole purpose pretty much as far as updates goes . Shouldn't be that difficult to fix it in the Software.
I did a new dump of the All system and presets and it uploaded perfectly.
The exception to this is single program patches seemed to work across the different versions OK. So, for the time being it might be wise to save program patches singularly before you do an update until this fix this really big bug.