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OK Italo!!!

Thanks for your patience. I realize now that we should not use the electrical current from the PEDAL 1 jack to power any LEDs for a bypass switch. My tech has dismantled that part of the bypass switch. I can now globally bypass the Eclipse without MIDI patch changes disabling the bypass function!! And the red bypass light on the front panel of the Eclipse goes on for the first time!!!

But now, (ah yes, here it comes, sorry) whenever I hit bypass, the dry signal jumps in gain, louder than any non-bypass setting.
I am using the mono input 1 1/4", stereo 1/4" outputs, pedal 1 input bypass, latched. Global analog input and output levels are at '0'.. I use it live on stage, my signal passes thru the Eclipse at all times, whether in bypass, or using effects, which are usually set at 50% to 65% wet….. I can't find anything in the manual dealing with this problem.