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Thanks for the response, Dan. A slow/fast Env would be a step in the right direction. For me, I don't use any ADSR. Personally, I would love to see the bottom row of controls do either (1) control a separate LFO in parallel or series to the first LFO–and not wiggle it first one. That would be great for Phaser, Flange. (2) have the second row control extra features on effects like Q-wah (env attack, release, etc). I appreciate you guys putting in the random LFO feature which is really cool, and feel that it covers the unusual effects well–so much so that I don't need a second LFO that wiggles–I think that's the technical term the manual uses 🙂 –the first. The effects could be much more tweakable having those knobs control other things.

I'm an FX tweaker for sure, but can't find many usable features of the current second LFO. It would be important to have extra controls like Env attack, release, delay time/manual for the chorus/flange and not just offset (I play in mono), volume boost for Tremolo, maybe an EQ for the rotary that goes from flat to having the notched response of the crossover in a real Leslie, and many more. We appreciate you all listening to your customers. Thanks.