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Man of Honey,

This is Skerik. D asked me to reply to you. Italo pretty much summed it up. You need a good mic and a good mic pre to get into the Eventide properly. Your overall signal chain is almost more important than the efx you choose!! Unity gain!! You have to make the soundperson happy!! I have been touring professionally for 15 years, and have used mostly Lexicon. I switched to the Eclipse recently, I love the harmonizer sounds, incredible tracking. But since I can't stand sounds like Kenny G, etc I don't use lush smooth jazz (yuck!!) reverbs. But I do use their plate reverb with all the high end cut out, so yes you can edit the EQ in certain patches. I will warn you, the Eclipse is very limited (for unknown reaasons?) for use in SERIES, it is designed for PARALLEL use. I consider this a frustrating thing, since it would be so easy to change things on it for SERIES use. Anyway, if you are touring with a switching system and a huge rig, I recommend the Eclipse for saxophone. But if you are touring small, the Eclipse is fragile, I have had parts break off the circuit board, etc, I am on my second one. It needs to be transported by hand, or in a large rig, racked up. Support is great, Italo and D always get right back to any questions, I can't say the same for Lexicon. Let me know if you have any more specific questions. Good luck!!