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Hi there,

 First post for me – loving the unit but having a few niggles…

Any idea if you can use the x-knob setting method to assign delay times to the expression pedal. It seems that you're restricted to the millisecond value set with the delay time knobs which are impossible to fine tune. I've tried assigning the exact tempo with the x-knob but the expression pedal doesn't read the setting.

The problem I have is that I need to set a 102 BPM, U2-type delay to the heel down position of the pedal and a faster 120 BPM U2-type delay to the toe down position. The time setting for 102 BPM is 439 milliseconds but I can only assign to the expression pedal 438 milliseconds which is the closest that the Delay Time A knob will let me have. Although it's only a small difference it really does drag the tempo back slightly.