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      I'm sure there are more like me out there who want to REALLY get their delay time perfect. I've found differences between the BPM in my TF and the BPM in my drummers click track, so I've been fine tuning it by turning off the tempo and using milliseconds. 

       Just have to say this isn't easy for me since the mseconds change so rapidly when I turn the time knob. Is it possible to make the knobs where they move slowly when turned slowly, then move quickly when turned quickly?

      Thanks for listening.

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      You're right – it is too hard to dial in an exact millisecond value.

      It would be great if maybe you'd dial in the rough value for milliseconds and then with a click on the encoder the dial would get a higher resolution to dial in the exact value.

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      From the manual:

       Adjusting Tempo & Tweaking Delays
      The Encoder can be used to set or tweak the Tempo value in BPM if Tempo is ON. To use the encoder, first press the Tap Footswitch (you must be in Play Mode) so that the Billboard displays the Tempo value in BPM. Whenever the Tap value is displayed, the Encoder can be turned to adjust the Tempo. While adjusting, the Billboard displays the updated Tempo and the parameter Control Knobs are disabled.  

      With Tempo OFF, the Encoder can be used to tweak delay time. To use the Encoder, first turn the Control Knob corresponding to the delay that you want to tweak; either Dly Time A or Dly Time B. Next, press the Tap Footswitch (TimeFactor must be in Play Mode) so that the Billboard displays the Delay Time value. Now turn the Encoder to adjust Delay Time. While adjusting, the Billboard displays the updated Delay Time and the parameter Control Knobs are disabled.    

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       Thanks, Roobin. That fixes my problem.

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      Worked like a charm! Tnx!!!

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      Hi there,

       First post for me – loving the unit but having a few niggles…

      Any idea if you can use the x-knob setting method to assign delay times to the expression pedal. It seems that you're restricted to the millisecond value set with the delay time knobs which are impossible to fine tune. I've tried assigning the exact tempo with the x-knob but the expression pedal doesn't read the setting.

      The problem I have is that I need to set a 102 BPM, U2-type delay to the heel down position of the pedal and a faster 120 BPM U2-type delay to the toe down position. The time setting for 102 BPM is 439 milliseconds but I can only assign to the expression pedal 438 milliseconds which is the closest that the Delay Time A knob will let me have. Although it's only a small difference it really does drag the tempo back slightly.


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       I just bought the pedal so I'm not familiar with all tunings and stuff but I found out how setting the tempo with the bmp you need. Click on the tempo button, then on the tap tempo switch and now you can define the tempo by choosing the BMP. Too bad you can't have halves though (like 119,5 BMP…) but that helps.



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