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I just wanted to say that I have run some pads I made on the Andromeda through the H-8000FW and …boy this has been quite an experience! Never in my life have I heard such a multidimensional sound – reverbs are smooth like silk, the multitap delays are just spectacular – I have tried these with sequencers patterns and all kinds of poly-rhythms occur.

I haven't tried the various shifters so far but I did try the EQ and it's very warm and precise – not the thing you would expect from a digital machine. Everything oozes quality and shouts expensive!

Which makes me wonder… are the guys at Eventide aliens? Maybe some extra-terrestrial intelligence or something like that? I am maybe too emotional here but I just wanted to share my first thoughts about it.

I do have a question about levels however.. I have the aforementioned pad from the Andromeda and the level is let's say 42% out of 100% maximum. The chain is:

Andromeda aux outputs 1 & 2 -> H-8000FW analog inputs 1 & 2 -> Processing -> H-8000FW analog outputs 1 & 2 -> RME Hammerfall Multiface analog ins 1 & 2.

In the H-8000FW, only the first LED is lit (-40dB). I measured the levels with RME proprietary software and no clipping occurs. I checked the output levels on the H-8000FW and they are at 0 dB. However the level meter in the computer shows something like -20 dB. So, I thought to give it some extra volume from the Andromeda and pushed it to 100%. Now, the three last LEDs are lit on the H-8000FW and the software shows constant overdrive. The levels are set to monitor the actual input levels prior to AD conversion. Which makes me think: Why does clipping occur when the levels are set to -18dB? Am I wrong to think that 0dB in the output levels verifies that no signal above 0dB will be output from the H-8000FW?

I have done this in order to achieve the optimal performance regarding levels, i.e. just to get the signal level as close to the 0dB without hitting 0dB under any circumstance. I guess I will probably leave it to -6dB so as to leave some headroom for these whacky resonant sweeps – just to be on the safe side. Italo, any ideas here?

Thanks in advance,