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will you consider E-control as a VST?

Talking about computer support, I just think how absolutely great would have been if Eventide could make something like the TC Electronic's Integrator plug-in:

i.e. on every channel you want, you load the plug-in, and it redirects the audio out from the computer to the Eventide, it gets the FX, and then returns the audio on the same channel – simple and easy. It also calculates the delay propagation so as the audio is time-aligned.

Given the fact that the H-8000FW has 8 inputs / 8 outputs, I think it would be nice to have 4 instances of this plug-in when the audio is stereo or 8 if it's mono (or a combination of both).

I mean, ok, you can do all this stuff OTB – but I just think it would be great to have something like that.