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As well as faster rate perhaps greater depth as well? Sometimes I like slow and deep. 

Also, I would find an 'Undo' function on the looper to be extremely useful – being a bit of a newbie to looping, if I finally get something good and in time down, I inevitably muck it up by playing my overdub incorrectly. Undo would be perfect! Perhaps hold down left and middle footswitches for this function, or an Aux SW assignment? 

And finally, this one may be impossible, but it's worth asking: I recently hooked up the TF to Reaper (a multi-track PC recording software), and was using the TF as a midi controller. Firstly very cool, but I would have enjoyed using the Encoder/Mode knob for things like track selection, thus freeing up one of the pots. Is it possible to use the Encoder as part of the midi controller, or is it limited to knobs only?