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Well that's not quite right.  Pitch shifting that requires pitch detection is meant for monophonic sources, but there are general purpose pitch shifters that can work with any input material because they don't detect pitch.  I'd find it quite odd if a $5000 Eventide effects unit that seems to do everything under the sun, can't do what a $100 guitar pedal or $200 rack unit can (and do it better).  There are all kinds of uses for pitch shifting polyphonic and non-pitched audio in addition to special effects that can be acheived by doing so, like putting pitch shifters in the feedback loops of delays for infinite rise and fall type effects, and such.  I was almost sure some of that kind of stuff had to be going on in that long demo that was showing all kinds of special effects.  But if no Eventide products can do that, then that's a shocker.