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 >>Again, pitch shifting works as described. Do you know a realtime
pitch shifter that does transpose a third inversion of an F#7 #5 b9 to
a different root without any artifacts?

Or how could possibly
work a diatonic shifter without understanding the note first…then
transpose it to desired interval in the choosen key/scale?<<

 You're talkiing about a harmonizer.  Harmonizers need to understand the note.  A general purpose pitch shifter doesn't.  It just transposes equal semitone amounts.  For instance if somebody wants their 6 string guitar to sound like a 12 string, they'd have the pitch shifter pitch the sound up an octave, and it always stays at an octave interval.  I use pitch shifters for detuning, massive chorus effects, special effects, and even an all -stops-out pipe organ sound from my synths with up to +/- two octaves of pitch shift in that last application.  Those pitch shifters all work with polyphonic audio coming in.  So as I had said earlier, it looks like no Eventide effects unit can do that simpler kind of pitch shifting which virtually any cheap little effects unit can do.  That's the surprising part because I thought Eventide effects units could do everything anybody else could and a lot more, and since you're known specifically for pitch shifting, I just assumed you could do standard pitch shifting that works with any audio input.