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I don't think you're right about the FCB1010's programming, you have it backwards. In fact, the main reason I like it is because it has a great PC Editor, whereas programming it without a PC is a real pain. In any case, even for live applications, once it's programmed, you don't need the PC as it's uploaded in the PROM or something. I use 2 FCB1010's in series so I can control my H7600, a Switchblade and a Mesa TriAxis.
With Italo's Orville MIDI codes, you can program every single button on the h7600, and I'm sure the H8000. Off course, you can also control wet/dry if the preset has it built in. I don't know if you can control the global wet/dry via MIDI, but it's true that usually you don't want your dry sound going through any FX unit, but you must have a very good reason.
Anyways, if you get a 1010, I'm happy to send you an example of a PC Editor file to control the Eventide.