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Thx!  You are correct.  I think I didn't make myself clear.  I just don't want to deal with the PC live.  The behringer has the ability to control 2 fixed CC values.  This will do what I need.  I actually sent you a private message because you were the one who illuminated me on the 1010 in previous post.  I got mine today.  I also found a used Peavey,  It will control (and store) up to 16 fixed CC values.  I was unaware that there is a PC editor for 1010.  It's not from Peavey, right?  I see they refer to a piece of 3rd party software (ripwerks).  Is this what you are referring to? Can you tell me (send me) what you use to edit 1010/Eventide on PC?  My 8000 should be pretty similar to Orville.  This would be a huge help.  Thx!