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The PC Editor can be found on the Yahoo Users Group for the FCB1010. I highly recommend this user group. Check the files section. ripwerks is a more portable, but more involved editor for Mac. I hope you have a PC, which the PC Editor I mention requires.
Now, although there are only 2 CC's, I found a GREAT little software called Bome's MIDI Translator, which can be inserted in my MIDI loop. Basically, what it does, is upon any program change request, you can send an additional MIDI message of any length, including I assume as many CC's as you may want. The problem is that it requires that the PC is present for a live application. But I found it really great to enable me to control the Eventide H7600 via the Orville messsages that Italo had sent. Unfortunately, the 1010, or no other pedal that I know, seems to have the ability to send longer messages, such as MIDI F0 1C 70 01 01 0F 0B 0F 0F 0F 0F 0F 0F F7 which corresponds the the Eventide Soft Key #1 for instance. So to be fully clear, the 1010 by itself is not capable of controlling the Eventide buttons and menus (except of course the standard MIDI interface inherent in each preset), and you need somehting like Bome Translator. But the nice side effect is that you can probably embed additional CC messages in Bome Translator, maybe even 16.
I can try if you think that's a route you'd like to explore, just let me know. Bome's software is like 30 bucks, no biggie, and trivial to use.
Also, if you want to go big, there is a European company called Gordius, and they have a hardware module to enhance the FCB1010 called the Little Giant, that adds basically unlimited functionality to the 1010. The nice thing is that you could use it live without a PC once properly setup. It's expensive though, like 300 Euros.
Anyways, let me know once you get the PC Editor. I can send you my Eventide control file for it, but if you don't have Bome's Translator, it might not give you the ability to control the Eventide to the full degree, although you did not ask for it.