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Thx! I seem to be having some trouble with email as I didn't get notified of these posts–I just happened to check back. My spam filters may be catching stuff. This is FANTASTIC help! I've got the 1010 and Italo's Peavey PC1600x now. If you could send me the files you use, that would be HUGE! I put my email in my last post but it didn't come through (does moderator strip them out?). It is kevin@madetoorder.com. I'd love to pick your brain a bit if you don't mind. I've been asking these kinds of questions all over the place and haven't gotten any answers that show the experience level you obviously have. Italo brought something else to my attn which may really make this cool: I can use the 1010 into the Peavey live to call up scenes on the Peavey (which has virtually unlimited tweakability). The combination of these 2 decvices would definately seem to do everything you are suggesting w/o PC (I am PC, not Mac). The Peavey can send long sysex streams and controls up to 16 parameters. I got mine from a guy in Canada for $175 but I saw one listed on Ebay tonight (they are very hard to find). I'm hoping my email address remains in this post so you can contact me. I'll also try PMing you again. Thanks!