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I don't think I have that much experience, but I'm a programmer so at the end, I fight until s**t works. Anyhow, I emailed you the zip file for the 1010, check your mailbox. You should really join the FCB1010 Yahoo Users Group which is where I found it. The user interface is pretty simple, you have 2 expression pedals to which you can assign device ID's, at least one for the Eventide, and possibly both. Another device ID will clearly be the Peavey. With each program, you can send a program change to as many as 5 device ID's.

Now, as far as loading the program into the 1010, it's explained in the user manual, but kinda funky. You must have the PC Editor file ready to be sent, then turn off the 1010, press on Down and turn it on, then ait for a while, press Up twice, then press on pedal 7, to put the 1010 in Sysex Rcv mode. I found that the PC Editor was unable to properly send the Sysex message, but solved the problem by using a free utility called SendSX by Bome. It's the same company that makes MidiTranslator, although you don't need the latter given the Peavey hardware. Once uploaded, press on Down for a while, then the 1010 displays counts down from 9 to 0 and you're good to go. If the display flickers funnily, that means the sysex dump was probably not successful. I don't know how to program the Peavey, but I assume you'll be sending your CC's via a program change sent by the 1010 or something?

As far as controlling the Eventide, as I said, I can send you a 1010 file, but at that point, it really depends on how you like the ergonomics. In my case, I setup one pedal for wet/dry mix, and another to control whichever of the 8 parameters is displayed in the Eventide menu. I have a second bank on 1010 patches dedicated to controlling the Evenride more closely, using the Orville Midi codes. Again, that may be achievable also with the Peavey, and you might not even care altogether, it's kinda cool, but a little nerdy.


The 1010 file I I also sent you is the one used to control my Eventide. Won't be customized enough for you, but a starting point.

Good luck!