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Thx!  You shouldn't have been bounced from my email for anything < 5mb.  You may have been bounced as spam (our filters are very tight).  If you send me your email to my inbox on this forum, I can add you to the whtelist.  I will definately spend some time checking out the Yahoo group.  I found a PC editor there from mtnsys (about 1Mb).  Is this the one you're referring to?  It would be great to get the template you use to control Eventide.   I realize you may be controlling different things than I will but I bet they are largely the same.  I've been out on a project so I havn't had any time to mess w/ 1010 or Peavey but hope to get to it this weekend.  This is my problem: too many toys, not enough time!  Thx again for all your help!  Kevin