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First, i want to say, that i know did four or five gigs with the timefactor and it's been a total different playing and "delaying" 😉 like with all other units i've used in the past! I got many quotes on the good sound, which isn't just the timefactor, but it's a big part! Thanks for such a great, useable and tweakable AND upgradable unit! a big score!
For the future update topic: i know, there's been a final update a few weeks ago, but – is there a plan or date for the next update? or will you tell us users in a topic here, which suggestions are involved and part of it?!
I already suggested in another topic a addition to the really great dynamic delay setting (which i never used in other units before and know really love!): i suggested a dynamic delay option in which the repeats/delay only appear, when the signal is above a chosen level: loud parts – delay, silent parts – no delay. i really hope, this is possible and other users would like this option as well.
one thing i really think is a great suggestion, is a small support software for the TF an MF. you could install updates, save and load presets and – name them via PC/MAC. Maybe – as one suggested – even dial in settings and listen via midi to what it would sound like.
another thing i think would be great: i love to use the aux switches – work great! the new "pedal aux switch" function is wonderful, but would be even more usable, if you'd have the option to choose "toggle" or "momentary" for this function and the repeat function. with this option, one could switch between two pedal settings as you could if you use a pedal and leave it at either heel or toe, or leave it at "toggle" for a hold-function (like it is now!). same thing for repeat – this is a switching function, but would be great if one could choose a hold function here as well.
Next thing: Spill Over – a great and necessary feature, which is now good implemented, but would be great if you could choose the presets you want to spill over. sometimes i need it, sometimes i don't. but now you can only dial in spill over for every setting or none. would be better to choose and save with a preset!
Last thing for me is the multi-tap, which is great sounding, expessially for reverb-effects, but it would be great if there would be a possibility for the user to set the number of taps (from 1-10?!). there would be much more options for great rhythmic-delay-settings here if it wasn't always 10 taps!

I hope, some of this suggestions are possible and supported by other users!
BTW – i think, the unit is great as is, and if there are changes i hope, that rather there are additions than replacements.

Thanks a lot