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I'm using the Line6 expression pedal, and i've noticed that very often it only goes to 99 and not 100, but i haven't researched much which situations cause that. I haven't thought of situations in which 99% vs 100% would be a big deal for my purposes.

 BUT, i am perturbed that the Line6 is advertised in the manual but it doesn't seem to be quite the right pedal. About a quarter to a third of the bottom of the pedal's sweep stays at 0, only after i've reached a point does the value start to change. It would be much nicer to have the whole sweep of the pedal for expression! (though compared to the moog ep i tried with the TF, the Line6 is much much better)

 Eventide! Is there an ideal pot value/taper for Timefactor expression??


I had the same issue with the line6 pedal,try enable youre 'cathup' function.